How To Add Website To Tiktok Bio 2022

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Launch tiktok on your iphone and tap your profile icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. Next, tap “bio” and type or paste your link in your bio section. Tap on “add your website”.

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When you upload a video, call out your instagram + youtube channels & let your fans know that they can shop all your looks through your other channels + your ⭐ let's see how to add a link to tiktok videos. Only tiktok business accounts have access to the website field.

Our Guide Will Show You How This Is Done.

Tap on profile at the bottom right of the screen. You first need a business account to add the link to. Now that you’ve converted to a business account, this is what you need to do to add a personal link to your bio:

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However, if you want a clickable hyperlink, you need a business account with 1,000+ followers. To add a website to your tiktok profile, click “edit profile”. Tap the “edit” icon to write a short, fun, snappy bio with your link as the first line, or just the link & no bio.

Type In Your Url And Click Save.

Start typing any url that you want to be visible in your profile. If you want to learn how to add link to tiktok bio, you must first create your tiktok bio by following the procedures outlined below:. To make the most of this space, keep it short and to the point without losing your brand essence.

Navigate To Your Tiktok Profile & Click “Edit Profile” 2.

Go into the profile tab (if you’re not there already). You also need to have a business account and not a personal one. The power of tiktok cannot be underestimated.