How To Change Phone Number In Aadhar Card At Home

How To Change Phone Number In Aadhar Card At Home. Sha256(sha256(mobile+sharecode))*number of times of last digit of aadhaar number. To change or add new mobile phone number to your aadhaar card, first you need to visit the uidai web portal ( and then follow the easy steps.


Keep ready your aadhar card handy to use some info from that, like aadhar number or name or address in aadhar, etc. Enter your cellphone and captcha number and log in. Upgrade the aadhaar enrolment form.

The Procedure To Change Your Mobile Number On The Aadhaar Is Mentioned Below:

Visit a permanent enrolment centre. If you want to change your mobile number online, you can follow the below steps. Click on ‘send otp’ once you have entered and checked the data.

Go To The Nearest Permanent Enrollment Center.

You have to click on the ‘send otp’ option and enter the otp sent to your phone number. Deposit the form to the executive From the ‘online aadhaar services’ dropdown menu, select the option that you wish to change.

The Procedure To Change The Mobile Number In The Aadhaar Card Is Mentioned Below:

Receive the acknowledgement, also you will receive a sms in your updated mobile number. Provide the necessary information and submit your phone number. The steps involved to add your mobile number to your aadhaar or change the mobile number are as follows:

Dial 14546 From The Number That You Wish To Link With Your Aadhaar Card To Connect With The Ivr (Interactive Voice Response).

Watch this video guide and learn how to add/update mobile number in your aadhaar.pls note that you need to visit an aadhaar kendra to add or update your mobi. The aadhaar number and registered mobile number of the resident are required to login to the portal. Ensure that the correct mobile number is mentioned on the form.

Go To The Official Website I.e.

[email protected] sha256(sha256(9800000002+ [email protected]))*4 in case if aadhaar number ends with zero or 1 (123412341230/1) it will be hashed one time. Submit the filled application form. Updation of mobile number in your aadhar card is a simple process.

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