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What Are Some Witches Names

What Are Some Witches Names. Sabrina spellman from sabrina the teenage witch; Mythological and legendary witch names.

Ren's Baby Name Blog Witches from Tv Shows and Movies from rensbabynameblog.blogspot.com

What is a good name for a witch? Winnie, mary, and sarah sanderson from hocus pocus; You'll also see names inspired by witches from tv shows, books, and popular halloween movies.

Also Known As Word Witch, These Practitioners Use Sigils And Words Weaved Into Their Magic.

Piper, phoebe, and prue halliwell from. A witch who does most of her work digitally or with some form of technology; There are many great names to be had from stories of the past, and choosing one of the following adds a bit of weight from mythology and legend.

Flower, Planet And Names Used In Mythology And Astrology Are Common.

A witch who practices alone rather than in a coven. Sabrina spellman from sabrina the teenage witch; A secret craft name would be the link with the deepest parts of their minds and the gods.

Without A Doubt The Most Notorious Witch From History Was Catherine Montvoisin.

This name generator will give you 10 random names fit for good witches, evil witches and everything in between. Whatever the reason, there are so many amazing witch names to choose from. The “public” is the one that is used through craft circles and gathering in their community.

Emerging From 17Th Century France, She Was Fortune Teller To Some Of Europe’s Most Powerful People, Including Members Of The French Royal.

And this name became more popular in the 1980s and 90s. Ravens are associated with death, cunning, and secret knowledge. Alatar was one of the blue wizards of middle earth.

You'll Also See Names Inspired By Witches From Tv Shows, Books, And Popular Halloween Movies.

Some witches have two craft names: Ahead, you'll find famous witch names that you're familiar with already, like elphaba, maleficent, or hecate, the greek goddess of witchcraft. Try to use names that have something to do with your familiar, element, skills, or anything personal to you.

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